It's wedding season again. You can tell because the average bridal magazine currently weighs more than the average bride. - Dave Barry

Believe it or not, you're planning a wedding. Maybe you're the bride, the mother of the bride or maybe even on the groom's side. Whatever your role, you're facing one of the biggest projects of your life. You've heard alot lately about Destination Weddings. Should you consider a destination wedding?

Last week on our office, the mother of a bride expressed concern about guests needing to pay for a trip to a resort in order to attend her daughter's wedding. I brought to her attention that, since most of the family was out of town anyway, they were going to have expenses to come to the wedding even if it was in Dallas. There would be airline tickets, a hotel stay and meals regardless of where the wedding is held. We were able to list the expected expenses and show her that the guests would not be spending more money to go to the destination (in this case, the Riviera Maya). The difference is that they would be in a beautiful resort, and they would be able to visit as friends and family for the entire weekend and not worry about finding and driving to a church or a reception site because it would all be located at the resort. If your guests are spread across the country and they’re going to have to travel to your wedding anyway, why not have them travel somewhere beautiful and fun? Have you ever gone to a wedding of a friend, looking forward to spending time with them only do barely get in two words the whole time? At a destination wedding you will have the whole weekend to spend time with the people you cherish.

A destination wedding is much simpler to plan. Wedding consultants at the resorts are able to give you all of your options as well as arrange any custom items for your particular situation. Most of the communication is via email, but a phone call is easy as well. The wedding coordinators are bilingual and easily can understand and fulfill your requests.

Fewer people may attend your destination wedding than a local wedding. This is actually a great thing because you will be able to enjoy each and every one of them more. The people who attend your destination wedding are likely to be the people who are most important to you.

Destination weddings are generally more affordable than a local wedding. At a local wedding sometimes requires thousands of dollars of flowers and other decorations to make the site look wedding worthy. At a destination wedding, the scenery is at no extra charge.

Imagine the photographs!