I would like to share something I was honored to witness a few days ago. I was in Mexico with two of my agents. We were eating lunch at El Dorado Maroma with Joe Martinez, owner of the El Dorado Resorts. I had already learned from a mutual friend that Joe had rejected the advice to consolidate his customers in order to save money via layoffs. Joe immediately said that no workers would be laid off. He was very concerned about how his workers would feed their children if they were not working. Even after he was told how much money it would cost, Joe said he was prepared to lose that money to keep all the employees. So, while I had been told this story, apparently his employees had not heard this. They knew that most hotel chains were laying people off and they must have thought that layoffs were coming to the El Dorados too. Apparently, while my agents and I were having lunch with Mr. Martinez, the GM of the El Dorado Maroma was having the staff meeting informing the employees of Mr. Martinez's plan to not layoff anyone. I looked up from my lunch and saw approximately 10 staff members; they turned out to be department heads, walking toward us. The look on Joe's face told me that he had no idea why they were approaching our table. Even though there was a language barrier, I could make out enough to know what was being said. Even if I spoke no Spanish, the tears welling up in these ten workers eyes would tell me everything. The words I was able to understand were; "job" or "work", "honored", and "Thank you". I am also not a mind reader but the tears in Joe Martinez's eyes told me how touched he was. The tears in my agents' eyes told me that they also understood what they had just witnessed. In that one moment I witnessed the resort's employees' fear turn into relief. Joe's obligation turned into determination. My self-pity turned into empathy. My agents' inquisitiveness turned into resolve. At that moment, I think we all realized that we were all on the same side, trying to solve the same problem.

This is the time to support Mexico. They need us now more than ever.

Philip Banks
Legacy Travel