A trip to Australia is a once in a lifetime adventure.  Planning your trip can be a daunting undertaking and it's so important that it be done well.  Experience is important. So, who do work with?

Here at Legacy Travel we are uniquely qualified to help you make the most out of your time in the Land Down Under.  Our very own Lesley Stone has been chosen is one of the very first Aussie Specialist Ambassadors by Aussie Tourism.   One of only two in the US, Lesley was hand picked for extensive in destination training hosted by Aussie Tourism.  Lesley will represent Aussie Tourism to travel professionals all over the USA.  Who better to make sure that your vacation to Australia is perfect.  

At Legacy Travel we have the resources and connections to make sure your Australia itinerary contains everything you need to see.  We will guide you through making decisions about how to spend your time so that it is the best trip for you.

Check out our Australia Microsite to explore further.

To reach Lesley or any of our other talented advisors either fill out the form to the right, or call our office at 972-517-9130 or 312-929-1262