Katie Read

Katie, a proud New Yorker, started at Legacy Travel in 2017. She has been consumed by wanderlust from an early age, and one of her first trips to Europe was actually to Rome when she was 13 to sing for Pope John Paul II.

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Karis Lederman

Karis Lederman Travel AgentKaris joined the Legacy Travel team in 2015. Growing up, her passions were food, film and travel. She aspired to work on a cooking or travel show. After college, she started work at a production company in Dallas. This is where her passion for travel was truly ignited. Karis arranged travel for the crew and talent on network shows. She enjoyed researching new destinations each week and creating the perfect itinerary for each trip. 

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Lesley Stone

Stone-19872**Top 30 Travel Agents Under 30**

Awarded by Travel Agent Magazine 2016

Legacy Travel President's Club 2017, 2018

Lesley has a varied background with experience in a variety of management level positions in both the service and entertainment industries. A die-hard fan of the arts, she's been a performer for most of her life and enjoys being on stage. She also loves puzzles and uses her analytical abilities to piece together the perfect itinerary for her clients. 

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Philip Banks

Banks-PhilipPhilip is president and co-founder of Legacy Travel.

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Hannah Cote


**Top 30 Travel Agents Under 30**

Awarded by Travel Agent Magazine 2012

Legacy Travel President's Club 2016, 2017, 2018

Specialties: Hawaii, Destination Wedding Consultant, Group Travel, River Cruises and Western Europe.

Hannah has been with Team Legacy since 2011. Growing up in a family that loved camping and the outdoors, her love for travel started at a very young age and only grew from there.

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Catherine Banks

cb-headshotCathi's career in travel started in 1989. As co-owner and Vice President of Legacy Travel, she has lived through many changes in the travel industry.

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Terrah Van Meter

TVSpecialties: Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Caribbean, South Pacific, Family Travel, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Romance Travel & Company Incentive Trips.

Legacy Travel President's Club 2016, 2017, 2018

Terrah Van Meter pursued her career in the travel industry head-on in 2005 and has been making strides ever since.

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