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Marty Boehlke - Travel AgentSpecialities: Luxury Travel, River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Foreign Independent Travel, Ski.

Legacy Travel President's Club 2018

Marty Boehlke has been with Legacy Travel since January 1997. Our longest tenured agent, he has expertise in many different areas.

But Marty wanted to do more than just be an order taker. So, in February 2000, he made the transition to leisure travel and moved to the Plano office. Marty has been consulting with people about their vacations since and has become very knowledgeable in several destinations, resorts, specialty and luxury travel. He has built excellent relationships with his clients over the years and continues to strive for perfection. One of many things you can count on is his opinion, and he will give it to you. Not only is Marty opinionated, but also honest, loyal and willing to advocate for his clients. Marty wants to make sure that his clients have the best vacation they could ever imagine and the best customer service possible.
Believe it or not, Marty is not all about travel though. He may live it, breathe it, eat it and sleep it, but he does have other hobbies. Marty's first love is music. He sings whenever and wherever he can get the chance. His main choice is country, but is versatile with some rock, pop and jazz. Although, he no longer plays any instruments, Marty is taking lessons to freshen up his memory on a few things. Marty's take on his music is like his work. Reaching for perfection!

Marty also has two dogs, and Greg, that he adores. They are his children. Greg has been with Marty since 2006. Greg is the biggest and oldest "child," teasing the fur babies, and providing a festive home for all the holidays. Cheeto (The Jerk) and Daisy Mae are rescues from Operation Kindness. Cheeto is a Terrier/Corgi mix, all jerk and a Papa's boy. Daisy Mae is his Moose of a child mix of Husky and Dane. Truly a tag team when it comes to mischief. From chewing up holiday decorations to running amuck. They sleep on the bed with him, get their regular doggie treats and plenty of exercise and love.--

Marty knows his life is very blessed. He loves what he does, the people he works for, and the people he works with. (Rumor has it they love him too.)


Marty's Certifications:

Fiji: Fiji Matai Specialist Program (Fiji Tourism)
Hawaii: Hawaiian Islands Training (HVCB)
Europe: North and Central Europe Specialist (The Travel Institute)
Mexico: Magic of Mexico Training Program (Mexico Tourism)
Peru: Peru Agent Specialist (PromPeru/Travel Agent Academy)
Southern Europe: Southern Europe Specialist (The Travel Institute)
Switzerland: Switzerland Travel Academy (Switzerland Tourisme)
Tahiti: Tahiti Tiare Program (Tahiti Tourism)

Amawaterways Cruise River Specialist
Celebrity Cruises Five Star Academy
Crystal Cruises Specialist
Oceania Cruises Specialist
Regent Seven Seas Specialist
Royal Caribbean University of WOW
Seabourn Academy
Silversea Specialist
Uniworld River Cruises Specialist
Viking Travel Agent Academy

Globus Tour Expert
Monograms Booking Agent
Rocky Mountaineer TRACKS Training Program
Tauck Certified Agent


An Interview with Marty Boehlke

1) What is the favorite trip you have taken?
I enjoy the Riviera Maya. Some people discount it because we are so close to Mexico here in Texas. The fact is that it is a world class destination, the people are extremely friendly and the resorts are as fine as you'll find anywhere. There are too many great resorts there to pick just one.

2) Where do you want to travel that you have never visited?
It's a big world out there, so there are many places I'm still looking forward to going. I think alot about Asia & Antarctica.

3) What do you wish people knew about travel or working with a travel agent?
The lowest price may end up being very expensive in the end. Sadly, it's a lesson that people seem to learn more than once.

4) What are your hobbies?
Singing (Mostly country music, some pop music), reading (especially on my Kindle), and caring for my fur babies.

5) When you heard I was going to interview you, what question were you afraid I was going to ask?
Have you ever had a mullet?

6) What areas in travel do you specialize in?
River cruises, ocean cruises, FIT (Foreign Independent Travel), luxury travel, Mexico, Caribbean, and ski.

7) What famous person do you wish was a co-worker at Legacy Travel?
Dolly Parton. Besides the fact that she is brilliant, it would probably increase our walk-in traffic here at the office. She has also been successful at everything she's ever done.





Marty's areas of expertise:


  • Bahamas Certified
  • Jamaica Certified
  • Aruba Certified


  • Certified Award Winning GI Vacation Consultant
  • Occidental Hotels Certified
  • Puerto Vallarta Certified
  • Cancun Tourism Certified
  • Los Cabos Certifieid
  • Pueblo Bonito Specialist


  • Durango Certified
  • Park Citiies Certified
  • Steamboat Certified
  • Vail Valley Certified (includes Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapaho Basin)
  • Aspen Ski Resort Certified

You can reach Marty at 972-517-9130 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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